Curator of Crap

Welcome! Shot1 is a link archive for interesting things on the web.   It's like an art gallery at a dive dive bar.   Anyone can submit to the crapchute and everyday something will be pulled out and expanded upon as the daily special.   Weekly Discussion Club events are scheduled where visitors can have fun talking about a featured video or article.  

Heads up - Fringe Friday is now password protected.  Leave a comment or email me to get the pass.   

Satori Sunday
Be Kind, Live Humble, Seek Knowledge, Love Life
Zen | Meditation | Yoga | Philosophy | #shot1zen

Mental Monday
Learn something new.
Questions | Puzzles | Riddles | Tech | Hacks

Toon Tuesday
Laugh a little
cartoons | comedy | commercials

WTF Wednesday
Wow, that's fun!
conspiracy theories | weird news | strange science | #shot1wtf

Theater Thursday
Hand picked media, music and movies
punk | hiphop | cult movies | amazing art

Fringe Friday
NSFW - Password Required - email me
taboo | cringe worthy |  NC17

Shot1 Saturday
Shot1 originals, showcasing local talent
music videos | writtings | pittsburgh art 

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